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The fabulous taste of fresh home bread!

The fragrance of fresh bread is one of the most enchanting sensory experiences. It is usually associated with warmth and well being and it is something that kids and adults alike equate with comfort and pleasure.

For children who choose to bake alone, or accompanied by parents, baking bread becomes an unforgettable experience throughout their lives. 

Baking bread is what children appreciate and enjoy, but it is also a rich learning experience. No previous knowledge in baking is required. Following simple instructions kids will be amazed of what wonders they can do! 

Children improve their dexterity and imagination as they bake. And let's not forget that the best thing about it is the pleasure of consuming your own creations!

ViBelle offers kids and their families a series of wonderful handmade baskets using natural rattan, completely free from dye and free from chemicals. Made with care and love for the fun of everybody!


Stay healthy exercising at home!

As you're all aware our health has a major impact on our happiness and quality of life. Many of us prefer jogging or going to a gym workout but why not consider to stay healthier at home exercising without sharing a crowded gym room with others.

But can you expect the same quality in terms of environment and benefits from your training as you get from a gym? Training at home has many benefits over training at the gym. Just think that you don't have to pay for a monthly gym subscription, and ultimately is not expensive if you are using simple equipment.

No need to travel to a fitness center, you can exercise anytime you want and with your equipment always available. Besides this no worry about the quality of the air, open the windows and you are always safe.

The bottom line is that it can be just as efficient as a gym if you are prepared to spend a little time and put some effort into your workout at home.

Why you need a silicone facial cleansing brush to keep your skin clean

When dealing with unpleasant conditions like acne and skin damage, washing your face is essential.

The simplest and most straightforward way is to clean up only by hand, but not always this is the most efficient cleaning method.

The reason is that pores still absorb the dirt, and just cleaning the dead skin is not enough. A facial cleansing brush is not only a convenient solution but it is also efficient and easy to use to brush dead skin cells away. 

They are suitable for all types of skin including dry, and dehydrated, acne prone skin. And because there<s nothing to replace you can actually save money

If you have a sensitive skin it's important to know that the bristles are soft and non-abrasive, so the exfoliator is not harsh on the skin. The silicone is  bacteria-resistant, hygienic  and easy to clean.