Sandbag Weight Training Fitness Power Bag

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Product description

-Our bags are built for durability. Made from heavy-duty nylon and reinforced with double stitching, our bags will withstand being pushed and pulled from any direction so that you can make the best of your workout.

-Designed for versatility, the sandbags are built with 8 comfort grip handles, providing you with multiple gripping options, and the ability to perform hundreds of effective training exercises with one only one piece of equipment.

-Adjustable for all fitness levels. The inner filler bags can be weighted based on your needs, each of the bags starting as low as 5lbs and working your way up to add a greater challenge to your workout.

-Unlike a lot of other bags on the market, our sandbags are built with double reinforced heavy duty Velcro to make sure that you don’t experience any leakage during your workout.

-Because the sandbags can be filled with any type of sand, they are amazingly easy to transport with you wherever you are, whether it’s to the gym, the park, or even on vacation. You don’t need to limit yourself to using sand from the hardware store, next time you go on a vacation to the beach you can take your fitness bag with you and use sand directly from nature.

- When you need to wash your bags, they are very easy to clean. Simply ensure that all sand is emptied from the bag, and toss in the washing machine on a gentle cycle to get your bags feeling fresh and new again without any hassle.

-Compared to other sandbags on the market, our bags are much easier to fill with sand, so you can skip the mess. Use their flat base to set the bags on any surface and watch how easily you can get yourself started on your workout. Make sure to only fill the sandbags up about 75% full

Product details
Package Dimensions : 18.9 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches; 1.43 Pounds